TallyPrime-TallyERP-GST-IncomeTax-TDS in Telugu (తెలుగులో)

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హలో ఫ్రైడ్న్స్ , ఈ కోర్సులో మీరు TallyPrime-TallyERP-GST-TDS-IncomeTax నేర్చుకోబోతున్నారు.ఇది మీకు ఫండమెంటల్స్ నుండి ప్రొఫెషనల్ స్థాయికి మార్గనిర్దేశం చేస్తుంది


కోర్సు వీడియోలు మరియు పాఠ్యాంశాలను వీక్షించడానికి “Curriculum”  విభాగంలో క్లిక్ చేయండి


43 Lessons

Free Sample Videos I ఉచిత నమూనా వీడియోలు

1. How to Download and Install Tally00:07:49Preview
2. Enabling GST in Tally and Masters Creation00:20:19
lesson3 – How to Create a Company00:05:44
lesson4 – How to Watch My Videos00:03:01
lesson5- Tally Companies Handling-Create , Alter, Delete00:02:34
lesson6 – Tally Predefined Vouchers and other vouchers00:04:33
lesson7- Tally Data Processing Structure00:04:55
lesson8- Enabling GST in Tally and Creating Masters for Ledgers and Stock Items00:20:19
lesson9 – Recording GST Transactions- GST Purchase and Sales00:10:58
lesson10- Types of GSTR Returns00:10:02
lesson11- GSTR1 Filing00:08:45
lesson12- Reconciliation of GSTR2 and 2a00:19:04
lesson13 – GST Tax Computation and Adjustments00:06:20
lesson14 – GSTR-3B Filing I Online and Offline methods00:13:57
lesson15 – E-Way Bill-Resgitration00:03:30
lesson16 – E-WAYBILL Generation, Cancellation, Update and more00:06:55
lesson17 – GST % in Column and Additional Description in Tally Prime00:09:48
lesson18- Voucher Number Update and Auto Billing00:06:47
lesson19 – Logo Printing in TallyPrime00:03:32
lesson20 – Printing Preferences and Optimize Paper Printing, Seal Signature, Printer, Paper Size, Bank Details, Consignee Detail00:14:02
lesson21 – GST Services in Tally Prime00:11:03
lesson22 – Recording GST Expenses and Assets00:25:17
lesson23 – Update Opening Stock and Openig Balances00:09:12
lesson24 – Recording Day to Day Transactions00:26:49
lesson24.1 Basic_illustration_to_understand_tallyprime_vochers00:33:18
lesson25 – Recording Purchases and Sales00:11:27
lesson26 -Billwise Account – Bills Payable Management – AP or BP00:19:53
lesson27 -Billwise Account – Receivable Management – AR or BR00:06:13
lesson28 – Advances Management and Tracking Overdue Party’s00:08:12
lesson29 – Cheque Book Configuration and Cheque Printing00:09:18
lesson30 -Banking Transaction Types00:02:16
lesson31 – Post Dated Cheques Management00:15:24
lesson33._bank_reconciliation_in_tallyprime (1080p)00:22:02
lesson35 – Supply Management Vouchers00:12:11
lesson36- Supply Management – Case Study00:23:48
lesson37 -Calculator Usage in TallyPrime00:03:40
lesson38 – Enabling Discount Column in Tally00:08:16
lesson39 – Batches Management in TallyPrime00:06:51
lesson40 – alternative units of measurement00:04:06
lesson41 – Report Export in Tally Prime00:02:52
lesson42 – Cost centres and locations or godowns’00:07:39

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