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Buy Tally

Why settle for good,  when you can get  the best?

Buy Tally


Single user edition
For Standalone PCs


INR 18,000

+18% GST (INR 3,240)


Unlimited multi-user edition
For Multiple PCs on
LAN Environment

INR 54,000

+18% GST (INR 9,720)

Renew Tally


Single user edition
For Standalone PCs
INR 3,600
+18% GST ( INR 648)


Unlimited multi-user edition For Multiple PCs on LAN Environment (Perpetual)
INR 10,800
+18% GST (INR 1,944)

Do more with TallyPrime!



Using TallyPrime’s fully connected service, you can generate e-way bills and e-invoices instantly for a single invoice or multiple invoices. TallyPrime directly integrates with the portal to seamlessly generate e-invoices and e-way bills for you, without manual intervention.


Our magical reporting engine gets even more insightful with Change-View, Basis-of-Values and Exception-Reports, that you’ll find across the product.

  • Change-View suggests alternative views of the same report to get better insights
  • Save View allows you to personalise the reports by creating and saving multiple views of the same report
  • Basis-of-Values changes the parameters in the reports to provide a different perspective
  • Exception-Reports highlights data in the reports that you should know that stands out

TallyPrime’s Go-To and Switch-To capability helps you discover and get more out of TallyPrime. It will help you discover new insights to run your business better. It also helps you multi task better, moving from report to another without forgetting what you were doing.



Why 2 million + Businesses Trust us.?


Safe Business Data

Your business data is always safe and secure. You may encounter difficult conditions, such as computer issue, or other software issues, but nothing of your data will be hampered. We have also taken care such that even in the most vulnerable situation no one else other than You can access your data.

Real, human support

TallyPrime has been designed such that you will rarely need any support or help in running the product. In case you do need help, you can use in-product help to solve it yourself or directly reach us on call/mail. And with no IVR, you get instant assistance from a Tally expert, free of cost, for lifetime.

Future Ready

Change is inevitable. Hence, we ensure that irrespective of the nature of the change, be it statutory or technological, we always bring you the latest updates. So that your business keeps functioning as smooth as always.

Licensing in TallyPrime

Once you purchase TallyPrime, you need to activate your license to enjoy the full benefits of this new and improved product. If you have a single license of TallyPrimeTallyPrime Developer, or TallyPrime Server, then it will be referred to as a single site license.

After activating the license, an account will be created with Tally. You can use this account for all future communication and licensing activities, such as configuring, reactivating, surrendering, and updating. The license will be valid for a lifetime. However, to receive the latest product updates, you have to renew TSS once a year.

Activate license

After purchasing TallyPrime, your first step should be to activate the license, so that you can avail the full benefits of the product. After activation, a Tally.NET account will be created, which you can use for all your licensing needs.

  1. Start TallyPrime. The Startup screen will appear.
  2. Press A (Activate New License) in the Startup screen, as shown below:Alternatively, press F1 (Help) > Settings > License > Manage License > F6 (Activate).
    • If you do not have the rights to activate TallyPrime, then the following screen will appear:
    • Enter the username and password of the administrator to restart TallyPrime with administrator rights, if required.
  3. Enter your Serial Number, Activation Key, and Administrator e-mail ID.
  1. Press Enter to proceed. The Unlock License screen appears.
  1. Enter the Unlock Key sent to your e-mail ID, as shown below:


  1. Press Enter to unlock your license.

After your license is unlocked, your License will be successfully activated.

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