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S1. Basics of Commerce, Accounting

S2. Download Materials

S3. TallyPrime Basics

S4. Billing in TallyPrime with GST

S5: GST Filing, E-Invoice & E-waybill generations

S6. Inventory Management

S6.1 Inventory Management – Introduction, Importance, Advantages04:21
S6.2 Creation of Unit of Measurement02:32
S6.3 Stock Group – Creation and Alteration’02:51
S6.4 Stock Category – Creation and Alteration01:58
S6.5 Stock Items – Creation and Alteration03:35
S6.6 Activation of Batches for Stock Item02:36
S6.7 allocation of batch details in purchase invoice06:43
S6.8 selling of stock items from batch and identifying of expired batch in sales invoice, printing batch info07:07
S6.9 Returning of Expired Batch Stock Item03:44
S6.10 Activating Price Levels01:47
S6.11 defining price levels, creating price list, usage of price list in sale voucher07:17
S6.12 Revise Price List01:49
S6.13 Different Types of Inventory Valuations02:57
S6.14 Activation of Purchase Order and Sales Order02:58
S6.15 Activation of Delivery & Receipt Notes04:36
S6.16 Activation of Debit & Credit Note01:44
S6.19 Creation of Godown01:35
S6.20 How to Create and Manage Multiple Godowns in TallyPrime05:33

S7. Bill Wise Accounts – Bills Receivable and Bills Payable Management

S8. TallyPrime with Banking

S9. Miscellaneous Topics from Tally

S.10.TallyPrime Closing

S.11.Tally-Case Studies & Assignment

S12. Payroll Management

S.13.GST Portal Concepts


Tally.ERP9 – Full Course

MS Excel Full Course- Basics to Advanced

S6.17 purchases management – purchase order, receipt note, purchase, purchase returns
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