S1 : Basics of Commerce, Accounting

S2. Course Tips, Download Materials and Practice Notes

S3. TallyPrime Basics

S4. Billing in TallyPrime with GST

S5: GST Filing, E-Invoice & E-waybill generations

S6. Inventory Management

S7. Bill-wise Accounts I Bills Receivables and Payables Management

S8. TallyPrime with Banking

S9. Miscellaneous Topics in TallyPrime

S10. TallyPrime Closing

S11. Case Studies & Assignments

S12. GST Portal + E Invoice Portal + E Way Bill Portal Concepts

S13: Payroll Management

S14. Complete TDS & TCS Management

S15. Income Tax

S15.1 What is Tax, History of Taxes in India03:45
S15.2 Direct Taxes vs Indirect Taxes02:45
S15.3 What is ITR, When to File ITR Forms04:44
S15.4 Types of ITR Forms and Applicability21:39
S15.5 Ways of Collecting Income Tax- Self Assessment Tax- Advance Tax, TDS, TCS26:50
S15.6 Taxation Overview on Individuals, Firms, Companies, Political Parties22:13
S15.7 Old vs New Slabs comparison13:23
S15.8 PAN Registration on Income Tax Portal05:17
S15.9 How to Check 26AS and AIS07:02
S15.11 How to Register PAN on TDS Traces Portal – Using Aadhaar Info, Deductos Info, Challan Info15:00
S15.12 How to Download Provisional Form 16-16A from TDS Traces Portal05:49
S15.13 ITR-1 Draft Preparation and Computation of tax50:52
S15.14 ITR-1 Filing – Case-1 – Taxable Income but No Tax Liability15:48
S15.15 ITR-1 Filing – Case-2 NO Taxable Income but TDS Deducted – Apply for Refund11:08
S15.16 ITR-1 Filing – Case-3 Applying for Refund by reducing Taxable Income10:49
S15.17 ITR-1 Detailed Filing with the Help of Computation01:05:01
S15.18 Income Tax Computation – as per 44AD, 44ADA non Audit – for Individuals and Firms Income from Business or Profession08:40
S15.19 Filing Form 10IEA I Opting Old Regime for Individuals having income from Business or Profession04:43
S15.20 ITR-4 Filing for Individuals I Income from Business – Presumptive Taxation10:04
S15.22 ITR-2 Filing – Capital Gains from Property Transfer20:50
S15.24 Important Notes on ITR-3 and ITR-4 Selection12:02
S15.25 ITR-3 Filing with as per Book of Accounts45:43
S15.26 ITR-3 Filing Comprehensive Case Study39:19
S15.27 ITR-4 Filing for Individuals and Firms – Presumptive Taxation Scheme10:33
S15.28 ITR-5 Filing Over view Firms, LLPs, AOI, BOI, Co-operative society, Govt Authorities42:53

S16. MS Excel

S17. Updates & My Support

S15.21 Computation – Capital Gains on Property Transfers
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