Computer Basics with MS Office

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Computer Basics (Windows 10)

1 What is Computer – An Introduction00:08:33
2. Computer Input and OutPut Devices00:01:59
3 Icons Settings – Enabling and Disabling Icons on Desktops00:05:53
4 Auto-Hide Task Bar – Task bar controlling00:02:18
5. Notification Area Settings00:03:54
6. How to Change Desktop Background, Set Picture, Solid Color and Slideshow00:08:43
7. How to Create Files and Folders00:03:49
8. Delete Functions – Temporary and Permanent Delete00:03:49
9. How to Check System Configuration, CPU, Ram, HDD, Background Application and More00:07:32
10. Device Manager – Learn How to Enable and Disable Devices of a Computer00:03:37
11. Account Login Settings – Enable and Disable Security00:04:35
12. System Cleanup – Temp, Recent, Recycle bin cleaning00:06:02
13. How to Calculator – Different type of calculations.mp400:02:53
14. How to Launch Paint and Painting Tools00:02:18
15. How to Make Partitions in Disk Drives00:04:37

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Internet & Mailings

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"Ravi Telugu: Spearheading Finance & Technology Advancements

As Chief Faculty at Tally Institute of Learning and CEO of Vedanta Educational Academy, Ravi Telugu brings over 6 years of extensive corporate training expertise across diverse technologies. Specializing in MS Office Tools, Tally, Focus, Wings, SAP, IBM Rational Tools, HP Testing Tools, and Software Testing, Ravi is recognized for his comprehensive knowledge and dynamic teaching style.

A trusted partner of industry giants including Tally Solutions, Tally Education, Indigo Learn Edu Tech, Tutorials Points, Udemy, Learnmall, Arivupro, CA Monk, and many more, Ravi has showcased unparalleled proficiency in Tally and GST education. With 8 years of tenure as an esteemed instructor at Tally Institute of Learning, he has successfully partnered with top-tier colleges, impacting over 100,000 students.

Ravi's influence extends beyond the classroom as a distinguished speaker at OU Tally & GST awareness programs. His 6-year tenure in Tally Training centers and faculty roles at prestigious institutes underscore his commitment to excellence in education.

Currently serving as the accounts admin for Valam Foods Pvt LTD, Sri Varun Scales, Digitam Intellect Pvt LTD, Ravi Telugu seamlessly bridges academia and industry, shaping the future leaders of finance and technology."

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