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Accounting Basics

Tally Prime – Full Course

1. TallyPrime-Downloading & Installation03:26
2. TallyPrime-Launching, Working in Education Mode, Licensing02:53
3. How to Get Familiar with your TallyPrime07:22
4. TallyPrime-Company Creation, Alteration and Deletion10:46
5. TallyPrime-Group Company-Creation, Alteration and Deletion09:25
6. TallyPrime-Data Entry Steps – Ledgers, Items and Vouchers08:55
7. TallyPrime-Predefined Vouchers Introduction02:27
8. Understanding Pre-Defined Vouchers-Explained13:24
9. Tally Prime I Ledger Creation I Alteration I Deletion I Traditional Method09:24
10. Tally Prime Stock Item Creation I Groups I Units I Creation I Alteration I Deletion07:41
11. How to update Opening Balances & Opening Stock in TallyPrime07:21
12. Stock Group – Introduction, Creation and Alteration02:51
13. Creation and Alteration of Stock Category01:58
14. Creation of Unit of Measurement & FAQ02:32
15. Creation and Alteration of Stock Item03:35
16. Recording Purchases & Sales17:07
17. Recording Contra, Receipt and Payment Vouchers14:37
18. Golden Rules of Accounts10:54
19. Recording Journals in TallyPrime07:17
20. Basic Illustration to Understand TallyPrime Vouchers35:08
21. Bill-wise Accounts – An Introduction05:23
22. Bills wise details for Purchases12:29
23. Bill-wise Details for Sales – Bills Receivable06:00
23. Z. How to View and Analyze Bills Outstanding Reports in Tally Prime04:34
24. Bill-wise Accounts Supply Against Advances06:06
25. Bill-wise Accounts-Tracking Overdue Supplies04:39
26. Cheque Book Configuration in Tally Prime10:46
27. Cheque Printing in Tally Prime05:13
28. Enabling All-Banking Transaction Types02:50
29. An Introduction to Post Dated Cheques Management06:06
30.Post Dated Cheques Management in Tally Prime16:19
31. Applying for Tally Prime License01:44
32. Introduction to Bank Reconciliation Process in Tally Prime05:41
33. Bank Reconciliation in Tally Prime22:03
34.How To Do Auto-Bank Reconciliation04:38
35. What is GST-a short Introduction to GST04:03
36. GST Classifications and Place of Supply02:42
37. Creating New Company and Enabling GST05:38
38. Recording GST Transactions-Single Slab21:20
39. Recording GST Transactions – Multiple Tax Slabs27:00
40. GST Configuration in Group Level04:04
41. Enabling Auto-Billing in Tally Prime05:18
43. Recording GST Expenses10:13
44. Recording Assets08:36
45. Recording Expenses – Claimable and Non-Claimable GST Expenses09:46
45.1 Update Invoice or Voucher Numbering in Tally Prime02:47
46. Recording Assets – Claimable & Non Claimable05:48
46.1 Setup Logo Printing in Tally Prime03:15
47. How to Print Additional Description of Stock Items02:58
47.1 How to Reconcile GSTR-2 in Tally Prime09:33
48. Enabling Rate Inclusive of GST Column02:49
48.1 Voucher Numbering – Invoice Numbering in Tally Prime03:10
49. Logo Creation & Printing in Tally Prime04:50
49.1 Printing Preferences-Cust Seal and Signature, Jurisdiction, Bank Details, Invoice Status04:51
50. Adding Additional Description02:53
50.1 Optimize Printing Paper Size02:28
51. Rate Inclusive of Tax GST03:48
51.1 What is GST Returns, Types of GST Returns10:03
52. GST Tax Computation and Adjustments06:20
53. Learn GSTR-1 Tables10:54
54 File GSTR1 using Tally Prime08:36
54.1 Course Introduction – Inventory Management02:46
55. Inventory Management – Introduction, Importance, Advantages04:21
56. Activation of Batches for Stock Item02:36
56.1 GSTR2 & 2A Reconciliation09:23
57. GSTR-3B Filing I Online and Offline methods13:58
57.1 Allocation of Batch Details in Purchase Invoice06:43
58 E-Way Bill-Registration03:30
58.1 Selling of Stock Items from Batch and Identifying of Expired Batch in Sales Invoice, Printing Batch Info07:07
59. E-WAYBILL Generation, Cancellation, Update and more06:56
59.1 Returning of Expired Batch Stock Item03:44
60. Activating Price Levels01:47
61. Defining Price Levels, Creating Price List, Usage of Price List in Sale Voucher07:17
62. Revise Price List01:49
63. Different Types of Inventory Valuations02:57
64. Activation of Purchase Order and Sales Order02:58
65. Activation of Delivery & Receipt Notes04:36
66. Activation of Debit & Credit Note01:44
69. Creation of Godown01:35
70. How to Create and Manage Multiple Godowns in Tally Prime05:33
71. How to Record Inter Godown Stock Transfer in Tally Prime04:32
71.1 Steps to Enable TCS in Tally Prime05:01
72. Basic TCS Transactions in Tally Prime09:34
72.1 Setting up TCS Masters in Tally Prime06:01
73. Advanced TCS Transactions in Tally Prime10:06
74. TCS Reports and Returns in Tally Prime06:17
75. How to Backup Data in Tally Prime03:58
76. How To Migrate Your Data in Tally Prime02:36
78. How to Move to the New Financial Year in Tally Prime00:53
79. How to Restore Data in Tally Prime02:58
80. How to Record Manufacturing of Finished Goods in Tally Prime04:40
81. How to Use the Right Buttons in Tally Prime to Work Faster02:59
83. How to View and Analyze Accounting Reports in Tally Prime06:41
84. How to View and Analyze Balance Sheet in Tally Prime05:01
85. How to View and Analyze Inventory in Tally Prime05:45
86. How to View and Analyze Profit and Loss Account in Tally Prime04:56

Download Materials

GST Portal + E Invoice Portal + E Waybill Portal Concepts


MS Excel Full Course- Basics to Advanced

Tally.ERP9 – Full Course

67. Purchases Management – Purchase Order, Receipt Note, Purchase, Purchase Returns

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