Microsoft Free Sample Videos

Microsoft Word Full Course

1. MS Word – Learn How to Launch MS Word04:43
2. Microsoft Word – User Interface06:45
3. Microsoft Word – Save and Save As03:42
4 Home Tab -English Font Group Commands NEW12:33
5. MS Word-Bullets and Numbering03:48
6. Microsoft Word – Multilist Level06:16
7. Microsoft Word Text Alignments – Line and Paragraph Spacing.mp403:19
8. Microsoft Word – SORT Command Functionality02:02
9. Microsoft Word – Color Shading and Text Borders02:44
10. MS Word – Text Styles and Table of Contents I known as Index11:08
11. MS Word – Find and Replace03:25
12. MS Word – Copy Paste Functions05:25
13. MS Word – Insert Tabe – Pages Group – Page Cover and Blank Page and Page Break04:44
14. MS Word – Table – All Table Tools Explained22:39
15. MS Word – Insert Pictures and Edit Pictures.mp408:21
16. MS Word – Shapes, Icons, 3D Models Explained.mp405:24
17. MS Word – Smart Art, Charts and Screenshot utilities.mp406:14
18. MS Word – Links to WebPages.mp403:49
19. MS Word – Links to Existing Files.mp404:36
20. MS Word-Book Marks and HyperLinks04:40
21. MS Word-Comments04:53
22. MS Word-Headers Footers and Page Numbers06:08
23. MS Word-How to Insert Obejects05:32
24. MS Word-Symbols03:00
25. MS Word-Insert Text from File01:38
26. MS Word-WaterMarks04:01
27. MS Word-LayoutTab-Page Margins, Orientation, Size, Columns, Hyphanesation and more06:00
28. MS Word-Layout-Paragraph Indent, Spacing-Backward-Forward03:11
29. MS Word-Page Borders, Page Colors05:47
31. MS Word-Review-Spelling and Grammar-Set Proofing Language04:56
32. MS Word-Review-Thesaurus and Word Count03:16
33. MS Word-Review-Auto Correct and Short Forms03:24
34. MS Word-Review-Check Accessibility02:56
35. MS Word-Review-Translate02:13
36. MS Word-Review- Disable Auto-Hyper Links01:28
37. MS Word-Review-Track Changes04:49
38. MS Word-View Tab Commands06:32
39. MS Word-Protection-Document Protection and Data Protection03:54
30. MS Word- Mail Merge – Complete Process with Real Time Mails and Documents
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