Microsoft Excel Beginner-Advanced And Professional हिन्दी

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This course will provide you everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel.

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42 Lessons

Microsoft Excel Beginner-Advanced And Professional हिन्दी

1 How to Start MS Excel – Open Close , Preview Functionalities00:05:18
2 Sum Functionality in MS Excel00:06:36
3 Subtraction Functionality in MS Excel00:00:59
4 Multiplication Functionality in MS Excel00:02:40
4A Percentage Functionality in MS Excel00:01:31
4B Division Functionality in MS Excel00:03:10
4C Count Functionality in MS Excel00:05:59
4D Date & Time Functionality in MS Excel00:02:57
5. Learn How to Create Tabs, Groups and add Tools to it in MS Excel00:05:30
6. Excel – Editing Data I over writing I editing I find & replace I undo & redo I Goto00:06:07
7. MS Excel – Home Tab – Group Clip Board Explained – Copy, Cut, Paste, Copy as Picture, Format Painter, Past Special00:08:30
8. MS Excel – Home Tab – Font Group Explained – Font Size, Font Face Style, Bold Italic, Underline, Borders, Fill Folour,00:07:53
9. Home Tab – Alignmnet Group Explained – Merge, Wrap Text, Alignments & more00:05:12
10. Characteristics of a cell explained in Ms Excel00:01:15
11. Speak Cells – on Enter, by Rows, By Columns, Stop Speaking Cells I Microsfot Excel Excel00:03:43
12. Text to columns Explained in Ms Excel00:04:45
13. MS Excel – Comments – add, edit, delete & Show all00:03:07
14. MS Excel – Fill Series – with formatting, without formatting & more00:02:45
15. Fill Series – Advance Fill – Numbers, Months, Daya, Custom List Edit & Add, Fill Down, Right & more00:07:50
16. Fill Series – Flash Fill00:04:14
17. MS Excel – How to Hind and Unhide Rows, Columns, Sheets00:06:20
18. Freeze Panes – Top Row, Columns & Multiple Rows & Columns in Hindi00:07:08
19. MS Excel – Filters – Learn How to Use Filter to anylise a Big Data in Hindi00:07:47
20. MS Excel – Split Sheet Window00:02:29
22. MS Excel – Working with Sheets00:06:23
23. MS Excel – View Sheets Side by Side from One Excel File00:03:47
24. MS Excel – Workbook Protection – Learn how to setup a Password to open Excel File00:03:28
25. MS Exce